Low Voltage Lighting


 Your home is your pride and joy. Once you have laid down your lawn, planted your flower beds, and set up the barbecue on the back porch, you may think your work is done. There’s more though! Adding landscape lighting and garden lights is a great way to highlight your yard’s best features and make your home a safer place. Consider adding outdoor lighting for your next landscaping project to make your yard warm and beautiful.

Light Up The Night


At Curb-A-Garden, we are proud to provide high quality, professional LED lighting solutions. We want your yard, garden, patio, pool or other outdoor areas to shine and add to the ambiance of your property. We have experience working with both residential and commercial applications and we will find the best outdoor lighting solution possible for your needs. We work hard to design a system that provides you with exactly the end result you are looking for. We will begin by helping you choose the right design for your property and needs. We can help highlight the best features of your property. When you add lighting to your outdoor space, you will bring new components to life. Textures that were previously unseen will add an artistic touch to your landscape.


Benefits of LED Garden Lighting


Aesthetic Appeal

Using lights throughout your flower beds will also show off all the beautiful colors, so that you can even enjoy your garden at night. Outdoor lights can be used overhead on porches, incorporated into railings or posts on staircases, or placed in the ground.

Improved Security:

If you want to protect your home from burglars, then installing led gardening spotlights is one of your best defenses to protecting your property at night from any prowlers or burglars scoping the area. Well maintained landscape lighting shows people that your home is well cared for, which can deter trespassing and theft.

Greater Relaxation:

The scented plants, colorful flowers and swaying trees come to life at night with led garden lights. Along with some comfortable outdoor seating, you’ll make your gardens become the perfect place to relax after spending long hours at your job working all day.

eliminates hazards caused by poor lighting which helps to prevent trips, falls, and other accidents by increasing functionality of spaces.

Increased Safety


What about my power bill?

Of course, if you have absolutely no outdoor lighting, you may notice a slight increase in your utility bill after adding a system. Thankfully, with new low-voltage LED technologies, the energy savings compared to traditional halogen are immense. Incandescent bulbs are sometimes called heaters that glow. Only 10-20% of their energy is converted to light, the remaining is just heat. LED bulbs are much more efficient - 80-90% of their energy becomes light. They also only project light in one direction so less light is wasted.