Full Landscape



Starting with a discussion about how you'd like to use your yard, we can design your outdoor space to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle. 

When it comes to your home or business, Curb-A-Garden has the vision and over 60+ years of total experience along with the planning and construction expertise needed to prepare solutions for your current landscape goals. Whether an attractive, low maintenance landscape or specialty garden is what you're looking to obtain, we will devote as much care and pride in one, as we do the other. We offer design advice for smaller jobs, as well as complete site plans for larger projects that require such expertise.

We recognize that each client has a set of needs fueled by lifestyle, budget, taste and location. Curb-A-Garden strives to exceed customer expectations by developing comprehensive, creative, custom-tailored solutions, just for you. Our professional staff guides clients step-by-step through design, scheduling and implementation of all projects. We offer one-stop shopping, from design to completion. 

New Installation

We will plan and install your new garden from the ground up. When you choose to do business with us, you are choosing complete customization of your yard or commercial space, education on proper plant choice based on climate and aftercare instructions ensuring you’re getting a good value, and total transparency of the job from start to finish.

Renovate Existing Garden

We can renovate and renew your exist garden to your liking. Here are some of the reasons to renovate your landscaping:

  • Add curb appeal

  • Increase home’s value

  • Correct any drainage problems

  • Liven up the space

  • Give plants room to grow

  • Improve your landscape’s safety and security

Renovations will improve the visual and practical aspects of the property.

Yard Leveling- Sod installation

Installing sod around your home gives you an instant lawn, and some choose to go that route because it seems like the quickest and easiest way to achieve what they want. Sod, however, actually does require a little bit of work before installation. To get a smooth grassy area that will have a good chance of putting down roots, you must prepare the soil and level the surface. We can install your choice of sod (Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Centipede).