Sub-Surface Drainage


Heavy rainfall is a reality of living in South Louisiana. This makes irrigation drainage all the more important!

Without incorporating landscape drainage solutions, flooding can be a huge issue for homeowners. More than the unsightly pools of water or muddy footprints into your house, drainage issues can cause some serious issues to the foundation of your home as it seeps into walls, causing cracks and mold issues. Standing water also harbors the reproduction of mosquitoes that can not only be annoying but carry disease. As well, poorly drained areas will ruin your landscaping. Grass and most trees and shrubs that are over saturated too often will suffer from root rot. You will have issues mowing, trimming and simply enjoying your yard if it is a wet, sloppy mess.

 When your yard has poor drainage, puddles are the least of your problems. A constantly wet yard can lead to:

  • Mold and mildew

  • Yard erosion

  • A wet crawl space

  • Warped wood

  • Holding water along driveways or back porches




Do you have a drainage Problem?

Does your property lawn or landscape retain water in all the wrong places? Does your landscape beds erode quickly losing mulch and topsoil? If so, your home has a landscape drainage problem.


First we check for proper pitch using surveying equipment. Next, trenches are dug and PVC pipe is laid from the drain to the street. The area is then properly graded and sloped towards to new catch basins. Finally, the pipe is covered up and sod placed back, leaving a virtually invisible drainage solution.



Finished product

The final outcome is a virtually invisible drainage system allowing for the problem area to stay dry for many years to come.